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Adrien Henrita Noux - Shared Confidences

Conrad Kiesel (German, 1846-1921) - After the Ball

Francisco Rodríguez Clement

(Spanish, 1861-1956) Presenciando una corrida de toros

Francisco Rodríguez Clement

(Spanish, 1861-1956) Elegant Woman Watching A Bull Fight

Fernand Toussaint (Belgian, 1873-1955)

Confidences au Dejeuner

Henry Caro-Delvaille (French, 1876-1928)

Sur La Terrasse

Alfred Stevens (Belgian Painter, 1823-1906)

The Japanese Mask

Carlos vasquez Obeda (Spanish Painter, 1869-1944)

A Day In The Park

Charles Baugniet (Belgian , 1814-1886) – Memories

Charles Baugniet (Belgian , 1814-1886)

Springs New Arrivals

Félix Mestres Borrel (Spanish, 1872-1933)

The proud mother

Henry Salem Hubbell (American, 1870-1949)

Luminous Reflection

Thomas Benjamin Kennington (English,
1856-1916) No ! Gossip

Robert Frederick Blum (American
Painter, 1857-1903) Venetian Bead Stringers

Frank Cadogan Cowper (English , 1877-1958)

Venetian Ladies Listening to a Serenade

Conrad Kiesel (German, 1846-1921) - The Lesson

Albert Roelofs (Dutch, 1877-1920) – Toekomstdromen

Charles Baugniet (Belgian, 1814-1886) The Bride and Her Sister

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  1. Wonderful pictures. I liked them. So long!


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