Collage artists - Bobbi Adams

Ancestral Dream.  2006.  Self-made paper collage, found objects
"Nor Daddy's Little Princess" (detail) 2003
 Self-made paper collage, bone, lichen, rosemary roots, shells, cypress vine flowers, doll ,South Carolina sea shells.  Exhibited at the 2003 Florence, Italy Biennale.
Self-made paper collage, South Carolina Sea Shells 
Pegasus  Self-made paper collage 2001
papers include those made from marigolds, paper wasp nests, mulberry, etc 
 Art and gardening are Bobbi's passions.  Her garden is her muse. Light and color are important in her painting, just as light  influences the  colors which are seen in a garden. Bobbi has been painting for thirty years and gardening all her life. 
In 1975 Bobbi left the New York- New Jersey area and moved to  South Carolina.  In rural Lee County,  she   gardens.  Her art developed in its current form from the materials in the garden.  Many of her plants are flowers and shrubs native to South Carolina. 
Today Bobbi makes her own paint of materials from the earth and handmade papers from the plants she grows in her gardens. 
Bobbi graduated from Wheaton College, Wheaton, Illinois with a degree in zoology.  Later she attended the Art Students League of New York and the National Academy of Design.  She studied in Venice through the International Program of New York University from which she also obtained her Masters Degree in studio.

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