Collage artists - C. Albert

The Aerial Dream series was inspired by bird watching. I wanted to explore flying as a metaphor for freedom. Many of the icons resemble strange angels because of the combinations of wings with human forms but I did not originally intend this. Their unusualness probably comes from my non-traditional beliefs.
I call them flying creatures. They both evoke flight and inhabit space. I like how they defy what seems impossible. I've pursued a limited palette with these, drawn to the simplicity.
Over the Town (after Chagall) photomontage. This is a new Aerial Dream collage made with Chagall's Over the Town in mind. I use removable double-stick tape to keep pieces in place while I am working/composing.
I glue my collages with non-toxic wheat and rice pastes on cotton acid-free paper that is stretched onto boards. The boards have frames on the back so they can be stacked to save space, allowing me to work on multiple collages at a time. When completed, I remove the collage and reuse the boards.
Eleanor Roosevelt's Dress mixed media collage: magazines, paper, text in black pencil.
This actually is Eleanor Roosevelt's dress. The writing in the folds is one of her famous quotes: "You must do the thing you think you cannot do."
Kabuki Flyer mixed media collage: magazines on inked paper.
Bird–Woman collage: magazines, rice papers, poem in black pencil.
She Rises photomontage on paper.

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