Collage artists - Susan Adamé

Susan Adamé collages consist of contemporary abstract compositions suspended in pools of color and texture.
The collages are created on watercolor paintings that sets the color tone and palette. These watercolor paintings create a feeling of underlying movement or flowing as well as giving the art depth and dimension. From a distance you can see the strong abstract composition and as you approach you are engaged by the added depth from the underlying layers.. Each piece invites the viewer to linger and view the details including paper created by the artist. The use of lines and circles in the composition are reminiscent of the body and the spirit and give the composition grounding and strength. 
2009 Solo Exhibitions in Los Angeles, New York, Florida & Montreal
This art takes the viewer on a journey into a lush dimensional world of color. The collages are rich with layers of color and textures that yield new discoveries with each viewing. The varying hues and the blending of colors in the watercolor portion of the work give the collages unusual depth and radiance.

The finished pieces are sealed with Polymer UVLS sealer to help protect them from light damage. Commission work available. (email - SusanAdameArt@gmail.com)

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